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A skilled trade is a career path that requires a particular skill set, specialty knowledge and training and is usually hands-on.

Some skilled trades require an apprenticeship. Why would you try an apprenticeship trade?

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Are there any costs for an employer to take on an OYAP apprentice?

Is the student guaranteed employment upon graduation?

Are students paid for their apprenticeship training?


There are a lot of myths about apprenticeship and the skilled trades.


Skilled trades are a dead-end job.

Working in the trades is dangerous.

Skilled trade work isn’t important.

Skilled trades are for men.

How you can help as an employer

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What’s up in the Skilled Trades?

Congratulations to Jaxon on his Co-op term this semester with Miron Electric Inc. as an OYAP grade 11 student. He showed up everyday, on time, ready to work, ready to learn, and a desire to make a difference.  We are proud today that he signed the RTA to pursue his apprenticeship. 🤩😁🤯🙌 #coopworks trenton_highschool  #electricianapprentice #oyap
Meet Carter Hale, a Red Seal General Carpenter in #NiagaraFalls. 🧰🪚👷‍♂️

Carter enjoys the challenge of learning something new every day. 

His journey to success began in high school when he pursued a home building #OYAP program. “From there I rolled into a full-time position with a commercial contractor. In my second year, I switched to a residential #renovation company.”

Interested in learning more about how you can experience the same feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment on the job, like Carter? Visit the link in our bio to learn about in-school and on-the-job training, #apprenticeship programs, and typical #job duties. We also offer apprenticeship resources like our Apprenticeship Training Standard PDF and Curriculum Training Standard PDF.

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Another day another quiz. 

The apprentices came into the breakroom to complete this week’s lesson and we took a group pic in support !

Keep up the good work ✍️📚⚙️

#machineshop #oyap #skilledtrades
Just a regular day at the job-site #OYAP #electricianlife tcdsb_cooperative_education
algonquin_lakeshore students from all 5 high schools spent 2 amazing days learning and cooking with Chef Andrew from growingchefsontario and Ray John Jr. (Turtle Clan from Oneida Nation). Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge, and expertise! #oyap
A big thank you to midontariotruckcentre Barrie for hosting Luis-Andres as a 4 credit coop student this semester and sponsoring him as a 310T OYAP student!! Luis was signed as a 310S last year in Grade 11 and wanted to try out the “Truck and Coach” trade in his final semester of high school. He really enjoyed the experience and decided to make the switch to working with transport trucks and diesel engines! #oyap #skilledtrades knightzonejoa
Congratulations to our knightzonejoa coop student - Adam!! Adam is a signed 309A OYAP student today! A big thanks to electricaleliteinc for hosting Adam as a 4 credit coop candidate and sponsoring him as a youth apprentice for the semester!! #oyap #skilledtrades #electricaleliteinc
The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) allows students to explore and find the right career for them. And if they discover they want to change direction they can, because many skills are transferable. Skilled trades people feel a sense of accomplishment seeing the results of their efforts at the end of the day.

The skilled trades encompass a broad range of hands-on occupations in four main sectors: Construction, Manufacturing, Service and Motive Power.

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Days like today would not happen without the support of some amazing mentors and teachers.

Shout out to Lyndon and Madison for helping with the Grade 8 planter builds.

Shout out to Lesley, Tanya, and Raquel for helping with the Grade 7 bridge building activity.

And finally special shout to Tyler Powell for creating the Whitefish Eagle for the planter boxes.

Thank you everyone for your support. We appreciate you all!

Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute 
Whitefish Valley Public School 

#lps_oyap_shsm #handsonlearning #oyap #shsm #mentors #carpentry #civilengineering #skilledtrades
Hands-on-learning experience for Whitefish Valley Public School Grade 7-8 students at Confederation College.

Stay tuned to see what the students create.

#lps_oyap_shsm #oyap #shsm #carpentry #HandsOnLearning ##skilledtrades #mentors
Promoting Skilled Trades & Technology (PSTT) centennialcollege with our grade 7/8 students from alexmuirps. #oyap #skilledtrades
#taketech #nhswildrootssalon #nhscosmo #hennaproject #octe #haltonpathways #OYAP #SHSM
Pelaksanaan Kegiatan Indikator Kinerja Utama (IKU), Monitoring Kinerja dan One Year Action Plan (OYAP) 2023/2024 berlangsung di berbagai fakultas se UIM hari ini Rabu (22/5).

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