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A skilled trade is a career path that requires a particular skill set, specialty knowledge and training and is usually hands-on.

Some skilled trades require an apprenticeship. Why would you try an apprenticeship trade?

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Are there any costs for an employer to take on an OYAP apprentice?

Is the student guaranteed employment upon graduation?

Are students paid for their apprenticeship training?


There are a lot of myths about apprenticeship and the skilled trades.


Skilled trades are a dead-end job.

Working in the trades is dangerous.

Skilled trade work isn’t important.

Skilled trades are for men.

How you can help as an employer

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What’s up in the Skilled Trades?

Days like today would not happen without the support of some amazing mentors and teachers.

Shout out to Lyndon and Madison for helping with the Grade 8 planter builds.

Shout out to Lesley, Tanya, and Raquel for helping with the Grade 7 bridge building activity.

And finally special shout to Tyler Powell for creating the Whitefish Eagle for the planter boxes.

Thank you everyone for your support. We appreciate you all!

Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute 
Whitefish Valley Public School 

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Hands-on-learning experience for Whitefish Valley Public School Grade 7-8 students at Confederation College.

Stay tuned to see what the students create.

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Promoting Skilled Trades & Technology (PSTT) centennialcollege with our grade 7/8 students from alexmuirps. #oyap #skilledtrades
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Pelaksanaan Kegiatan Indikator Kinerja Utama (IKU), Monitoring Kinerja dan One Year Action Plan (OYAP) 2023/2024 berlangsung di berbagai fakultas se UIM hari ini Rabu (22/5).

selengkapnya silahkan kunjungi:

#Universitas Islam Makassar
Feeling inspired by this beautiful weather? 🌞 Why not consider enrolling in an Agriculture Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) and turn your love for the outdoors into a rewarding career! From sustainable farming to agribusiness, there are endless opportunities waiting for you. 🌾🚜 #AgricultureSHSM #GreenThumb #TakeTech #SHSM #OYAP #BuildYourResume #ThinkSkilledTrades #TeachTech
Another great video of our OYAP student Aydan showing us a skill he’s mastered at his OYAP Coop placement! #oyap #coop #skilledtrades
Here is Cole lighting it up on his co-op placement with Tunks and Kosi Electric. Cole is another one of our standout students that earned a spot in the accelerated apprenticeship program for Electricians. Cole is currently completing level 1 trade school at Fanshawe College (while he is still a grade 12 student!). Thanks Tunks and Kosi for continuing to support our students. #SDCICOOP #OYAP #Electrician
Shout out to brownoakelectric for taking on 2 co-op students this year in their first year as a co-op sponsor. Koda is participating in OYAP as an electrician. Thank you Brown Oak for supporting our students. #SDCICOOP #OYAP
One thing is for sure, you can’t be afraid of heights to be a Hoisting Engineer — Tower Crane Operator! Core duties include lifting, moving, positioning, and placing materials and equipment. And this trade is all over the place: construction, surface mining, shipbuilding, offshore drilling, railways...

Love large machinery? Good at solving problems? Kind of a toughie? Why not consider a Hoisting Engineer — Tower Crane Operator apprenticeship and play a pivotal role on job sites.

This career is eligible for a Red Seal endorsement. Holding a Red Seal endorsement signifies a journey person’s qualification to practice their trade across Canada and in many places globally.

Jump-start your career with #OYAP. Learn more by visiting the link in the bio. 📲 

Il ne faut surtout pas avoir peur des hauteurs pour être conducteur d’engins de levage : conducteur de grues à tour! Pour faire ce métier fort intéressant, il faut soulever, déplacer, positionner et placer des matériaux et des équipements. Et on peut travailler à peu près partout : construction, exploitation minière à ciel ouvert, construction navale, plates-formes de forage en mer, installations ferroviaires…

Tu aimes la machinerie lourde? Tu es bon à résoudre des problèmes? On dit que tu es un dur à cuire? Si oui, pense à faire un apprentissage en tant que conducteur d’engins de levage : conducteur de grues à tour et vois comme c’est gratifiant de jouer un rôle si important sur le chantier. 

Ce métier est admissible à une mention Sceau rouge. Une mention Sceau Rouge est une qualification dans le métier qui est reconnue à l’échelle du Canada, et dans bien des endroits à l’échelle internationale.

Lance ta carrière avec le #PAJO. Visite le lien dans la bio pour en savoir plus.📲 
Thanks to Parmerit for sponsoring Tyler in the Welding accelerated apprenticeship program. Tyler is now lambtoncollege  for 8 weeks to complete his level 1 apprenticeship before the end of the school year. With the great mentorship he received this term at co-op he's going to do great in class. #SDCICOOP #OYAP #welding
🎉🏆 A huge congratulations to the 2024 OCTE Award winners! 🌟 Your commitment to excellence and your dedication is truly inspiring.

Teaching Award of Excellence
LEONARD AYLWARD, District School Board of Niagara
JENNIFER PATTERSON, Halton District School Board
JONATHAN POSTMA, Thames Valley District School Board

Certificate of Recognition

Dick Hopkins Award, joint award between OCTE and Skills Ontario
AFSHIN KEYVANI, District School Board of Niagara

Technological Education Leadership Award
STÉPHANE VEILLEUX, Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario

Technological Education Ambassador Award of Recognition

#TakeTech #Congratulations #Dedication #OYAP #SHSM #SkilledTrades
Thanks to premierheatingca  for supporting Jack as he explores the HVAC trade. Jack has already logged a lot of hours as a registered youth apprentice refrigeration mechanic. Great work Jack! #SDCICOOP #OYAP #313A

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