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A skilled trade is a career path that requires a particular skill set, specialty knowledge and training and is usually hands-on.

Some skilled trades require an apprenticeship. Why would you try an apprenticeship trade?

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Are there any costs for an employer to take on an OYAP apprentice?

Is the student guaranteed employment upon graduation?

Are students paid for their apprenticeship training?


There are a lot of myths about apprenticeship and the skilled trades.


Skilled trades are a dead-end job.

Working in the trades is dangerous.

Skilled trade work isn’t important.

Skilled trades are for men.

How you can help as an employer

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What’s up in the Skilled Trades?

🔧💼 Exciting Times in Skilled Trades! 🔨🌟

Current labor demands and more inclusive recruiting are opening doors for everyone. If you have a passion for skilled trades, now is the time to seize these opportunities! Explore the opportunities waiting for you. Let's build a brighter future together! 

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Congratulations to Cooperative Education student Logan Gordon for signing a registered training agreement with Jeffrey’s Custom Masonry as a Brick and Stone Mason through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. Logan is pictured here with the company owner and his sponsor & supervisor,  Brad Jeffrey. #coopworks #OYAP #SkilledTradesOntario #staygolden #SDSSgoldenbears
If you've been here before, you've probably seen Juliana here! She joined our team right from high school co-op! Juliana brings a fun, yet professional, glow to the salon. She embodies the epitome of youthful enthusiasm and budding expertise in the artistry of hairstyling.

Since beginning with us last year at SLEY & Company, Juliana has been promoted to our newest Apprentice Hairstylist! Approaching the industry through OYAP, Juliana will discover the journey of a determined apprentice, navigating the colorful realm of hair design. 

While she has been a part of our family since late 2023, we were so excited to officially welcome her to our team as our Junior Apprentice. While under our instruction and supervision, Juliana will be able to open her books to friends and family by late July, and we really can't wait to see how she flourishes. 

You can follow her on Instagram beauty._byjuliana, or if you're wanting a shampoo/blowout, formal curls or flat ironing, give us a call at the salon and we will set you up when she's here on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!
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The welding shop is all done until September where we welcome over 300+ students between both of our shops for the next round!
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One more week to finish paperwork, distribute results and get the fall term lined up so our technicians can spend the summer cutting & sorting for the school term.

Today was the #cwb test with the #oyap #welding #students through cwbgroupwelding
Welcome to the newest #OYAP Electrician Apprentice alcdsb!! Saleena C. from RegiNotreDame has signed her RTA paperwork with Keen Stone Electric and is looking forward to continuing the apprenticeship in her Grade 12 year. Huge congrats to Saleena!⚡️
Congratulations to new apprentice and MDHS student, Talbot Geiger. He's been registered as a General Carpenter with Century Design & Build. Additionally, he has been accepted into the Level 1 General Carpenter program at Conestoga College.
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mdhsdevils conestogacollege amdsbpathways
Congratulations to the new apprentice and SDSS student, Bode Rock. He's been registered as a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic with Vander Rock Heating & Cooling. Additionally, he has been accepted into Level 1 313A (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic) at Conestoga College.

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Stratford District Secondary School  Conestoga College AMDSBPathways
Stretching dough for our Apple Strudel! Our last lab together with these wonderful OYAP students. I will miss them greatly. So professional during this 7 week condensed module. They have developed some mad skills!! 

gbcchca #oyap #pastryskills #applestrudel #stretchingdough
A huge thank you to cravingsfinefood for sponsoring knightzonejoa coop student Alyssa as a 415A “Cook”!! Alyssa has earned 440 hours towards her Apprenticeship by completing a 4 credit coop in her Grade 11 year! Alyssa is planning on completing an additional 4 credit coop next year in  Grade 12 and will be graduating with close to 1000 hours! Way to go!! This is only made possible with the commitment of our community co-op partners!  #oyap #coopworks
🎉 Week 8 and feelin’ great! 🎉

Our final cohort of apprentices until October and they did not disappoint!

This was a big group, 32 apprentices including 8 #OYAP students from gravenhursths, huntsville.hs and stdominiccss !!

Congratulations to each one of you for successfully completing Level 1! 🌟 See you in Level 2! 

Supervisor appreciation gifts were a hit! Our very own Level 1 Bake Apprentice treatsbyvaeha made 27 boxes (over 100 cupcakes!) and they were delicious. Thank you to all of the placement supervisors who mentored our #coop students this semester! 🙏☺️ #cooperativeeducation #baking #skilledtrades #oyap #cupcakes
🔧🌟 Ontario's skilled trades industry is booming, offering exciting opportunities across various sectors! From electricians powering renewable energy to carpenters shaping our housing market, here are some in-demand skilled trade jobs shaping Ontario's future:

1️⃣ Electricians: Leading the charge in renewable energy and infrastructure modernization.
2️⃣ Carpenters: Essential in both traditional and modern construction projects.
3️⃣ Welders: Crucial for construction and manufacturing with diverse skills.
4️⃣ Plumbers: Keeping residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems running smoothly.
5️⃣ HVAC Technicians: Ensuring comfort through advanced climate control systems.
6️⃣ Heavy Equipment Operators: Vital for efficient construction site operations.
7️⃣ Industrial Mechanics: Keeping manufacturing machinery in peak condition.
8️⃣ Steamfitters: Experts in high-pressure piping systems for industrial facilities.
9️⃣ Bricklayers: Crafting durable and aesthetic structures in Ontario's construction boom.
🔟 Sheet Metal Workers: Key in fabricating and installing metal components for diverse projects.

As Ontario evolves, so does the demand for skilled tradespeople! Embrace these opportunities to build a rewarding career and contribute to the province's growth. 🚀💼 

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Melanoire celebrates you, your parents, teachers, mentors, encouragers, and caregivers 🥳 🎉 🎊 While graduations are rarely ever the final stop on the journey, we take this pause to recognize YOU!

Thank you 🙏🏽 to #OYAP & Bluewater District School Board/Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board for inviting Melanoire to create this black, white and gold balloon display for the 2024 graduation ceremonies at #georgiancollege

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