Find Success in the Skilled Trades

A skilled trade is a career path that requires a particular skill set, specialty knowledge and training and is usually hands-on.

Some skilled trades require an apprenticeship. Why would you try an apprenticeship trade?

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Are there any costs for an employer to take on an OYAP apprentice?

Is the student guaranteed employment upon graduation?

Are students paid for their apprenticeship training?


There are a lot of myths about apprenticeship and the skilled trades.


Skilled trades are a dead-end job.

Working in the trades is dangerous.

Skilled trade work isn’t important.

Skilled trades are for men.

How you can help as an employer

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What’s up in the Skilled Trades?

Ss @Stoney_CreekPS explored #STEMconnections and #skills as they built their #oyap cars. Ss conducted multiple trials and collected authentic data. Thank you @dtangred for facilitating a data talk to analyze results and determine variable Ss can change to increase distance.


Congratulations Emma, Austin and Grady who are advancing to the provincial skills competition in Toronto in May.

A great job by all @LimestoneDSB students.

#shsm #oyap #soc2023 #skilledtrades #ygk

Congrats to @HCDSB’s newest registered apprentice 🎉. Ashton signed a Registered Training Agreement w/ Cam Tech Automotive 🙌Thx to #COOP teacher, Ms. Bell, & sponsor, Glenn, for supporting Ashton’s #OYAP & apprenticeship journey @emdelsordo @HCDSBPathways @mduarte_HCDSB @StFXSOS


Anthony is doing great with his Co-Op program. Thank you to @HolyNamesCHS for sending us a great student. #oyap @WECDSB #future #careeropportunities

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Discover your true passion!

Consider a career in the skilled trades!

Discover your true passion!

Consider a career in the skilled trades!