Réussis dans les métiers spécialisés

Un métier spécialisé est un cheminement professionnel qui exige un ensemble de compétences particulières, des connaissances et une formation spécialisées et est généralement pratique.

Certains métiers spécialisés nécessitent un apprentissage. Pourquoi essayer un métier d’apprentissage?

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Gagne de l’argent tout en apprenant



L’employeur a-t-il des frais à payer pour accueillir un apprenti du PAJO?

L’élève a-t-il un emploi garanti après l’obtention de son diplôme?

Les élèves sont-ils rémunérés pendant leur formation en apprentissage?


Il y a beaucoup de mythes sur les apprentissages et les métiers spécialisés.





Les métiers spécialisés sont sans avenir.



Travailler dans les métiers est dangereux.



Le travail dans les métiers spécialisés n’est pas important.



Les métiers spécialisés sont pour les hommes.


Comment vous pouvez aider en tant qu'employeur


Les métiers spécialisés sur les médias sociaux

Quoi de neuf dans les métiers spécialisés ?

Today we ran our virtual Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Sector Partnered Experience Event with a focus on the Impact of Technology on our Future. Many thanks to our Industry Partners that took the time to join us live, share their stories and challenge our students to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial to solve their real world local challenges!

Also, thank you to SHSM Leads & SHSM Board Leads for their continuous efforts to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students and to students for their attention, insight, ideas and innovations to become the leaders of the future!

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Part of my 11/12 curriculum focuses on “Professional Practice and Career Opportunities”, so today felt like a great day to wear my beautiful Smwia Organizer shirt in class today. 

I feel it’s extremely important to highlight pathways of the #skilledtrades because, short of the industry proclaiming to “get a trade”, there’s little direction on “How to navigate the endless options of entry.”

As I tell all my students, the money, benefits, pensions, mean very little if you don’t love what you do for a living. Exploring all the careers in Transportation (as well as trades outside Transportation that utilize many of the same skills sets) really gives my students clarity in how they want to approach their future. 

I’d like to think, or at least hope, that I’m filling in some of the gaps that we seem to forget about when promoting these pathways to young people. 

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Co-op student Luke O'Leary displays a carbide saw blade that he labelled using a laser machine.  Luke works at New Form Tools and is learning about the many stages involved in creating metal cutting tools. #OYAP #coopworks  #Staygolden amdsbpathways
Congratulations to new apprentice and SMDCVI student Lucan Vernooy. He's been registered as an Agricultural Equipment Technician with Huron Tractor. 

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St. Marys DCVI  Huron Tractor Ltd. AMDSBPathways
SDSS Co-op student Blake Hodgson with one of his co-workers. Blake has been working hard to learn the ins and outs of a technician's role at Sommers Generator Systems. #OYAP #coopworks  #Staygolden
Congratulations to NDSS students Riley and Austin for receiving medals at yesterday #soc2024 regional qualifier. 

Riley placed 3rd in #welding and Austin placed 2nd in Individual #carpentry and will be representing limestonedsb in Toronto at the beginning of May!


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OYAP & SHSM student, Evan is loving his placement with the City of Thunder Bay, Parks and Open Spaces Division, job shadowing the electricians. This has been an amazing opportunity and Evan has learned a lot. We are thankful to all the staff who have welcomed Evan - a great crew to learn from! 🤍. #shsm #oyap
Next week OCTE will be hosting a live virtual event for Specialist High Skills Major students so they can get their Sector Partnered Experience in Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE). 

Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship training is an amazing opportunity for students to apply their creativity, connect with industry partners, and solve real world problems. It involves empathy and need finding, ideation and prototyping, strategy and testing and sharing their solutions and pitches back with the industry partners. 

Sign up for a SHSM today and build your resume while in high school!

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Are you ready for it? 
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